Fixing the perpetual loser


Miss Babylon

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You know what's worse than a man with a small dick? A man with a small dick who cums too fucking fast. And I heard from a little birdy you are exactly that type of "man". Well don't worry your pathetic little head about it, I'm here to help. I'll even start you off easy: a clothed cum countdown. I start off by teasing you with my cute ass in skin tight leggings. You can see every curve in the outline and I know it's making your dick hard & you should know I love every minute of squirming you have to endure. Then I turn around revealing that these pants are so tight they give me a very obvious camel toe. I stroke my pussy through my pants while hurling insults at your unimportant self & finally the moment you've been waiting for happens. I start the countdown and you get to expel your once-again-wasted cum into the palm of your hand