Mom Massages Sore Son POV Part 4

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American / Deep South
1,662 5.0
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Liltasty28 - Top reviewer Aug 12
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Coco vandi is so hot!! I just love her mom videos :)

It was time for my daily massage (from my mom) on my sore leg, but today, I decided it was time to stop playing games. It has been a few days since that first peek at her curves, and I can not control myself anymore. So I waited for my dad to leave, and walked into her bedroom to find her sitting there looking hot as usual. This time, I whipped my dick out before she could really protest. She kept saying it was "too weird" for us to be fooling around. But I just put my giant throbbing cock in her face and she instantly took me into her mouth. In no time she was sucking me super hard, just like she had before. But today I needed to a new wet, soft, hole for my cock to explore. I wanted so bad to fuck her, so I told her to get on the bed. I never thought she would go for it! But I have always been her favorite, and I know how to get her to do anything I want. At first I had to watch her face and new tits while I fucked her, so I stuck it in missionary for a while. But after she came I didn't want to stop so I flipped her over and fucked her from behind. She told me to pull out before I cum, but it felt so good, I couldn't! Sorry mom