Sister-in-law seduction


Wynter Azure

American / Pacific NW
7:03 min - Jul 28 - .MP4 - 285.00 MB


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Get seduced by your Wife's younger sister. you're a total pervert & you are about to be seduced! you walk in on your Wife's little sister reading the bible. you're so dumb that you sit beside Her. your Wife is soundly xxxxxx, Her sister got Her xxxxx. Now Her sister can get you all alone. She tells you She'll satisfy your sexual urges, She knows Her sister is a prude! She flaunts Her big tits, Her curvy body right in front of your face. you can't resist, you're a simple minded man. you don't know better and you give into the seduction.... Part one of a series that will have many twists- trust that you won't be getting away with this infidelity... but enjoy it for now