Hostile Domination


Angela Salvagno

American / Florida
16:23 min - Jul 29 - .MP4 - 540.86 MB


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Mistress Angela abducts a suspected woman abuser in the park. She handcuffs him to a chair In her dungeon humiliating him with her words and making him submit to her massive cock. This man who degraded women now becomes just a little pussy bitch that Mistress Angela will forever use and do whatever she wants to. The tables have turned on this bitch. Your in Mistress Angela's world and there is no escaping!! Do or D*e is what it comes down to. She makes him suck her cock and worship it showing this little pussy bitch who the real man is. #strapon #cock worship #muscle domination #dildo sucking #femdom #flexing #trash talk #feminization #humiliation #sissytraining #corset #leather #handcuffs #mask