clay beach
Freebie Tuesday

Hidden Camera Shooting

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She has no idea I put a camera in her house last time I visited her! All is going perfectly, according to plan! Finally I can sit home and watch this hot girl dressing and undressing one hundred times, like girls do, listening to music, dancing while undressing which kinda looks just like stripping to my horny mind. God, this little professional camera worth all the money. It does not make any sound, it sends footage in real time, it's perfect for spying on somebody. And this girl, damn, she's so hot! She keeps moving her hips to the rhythm of the music, she has these Big Boobs which bounce with every move (I'd love to see her running down the stairs, just imagine those tits!) and she knows how to be different, how to glue herself to your memory, like a stamp. She wears a torn pantyhose which matches with a lot of things and a push up dotted bra. Then she keeps trying on or removing clothes from her perfectly shaped body. She looks into a mirror and because she's so narcissistic and wants to see herself from all kind of angles. I like her so much! Her entire etherical sexy apparition, makes me want her, I can feel the lust growing in my pants like a spring vegetable. The clothes she tries on are party clothes, with deep cleavages and sleek lines. Holly , I've hit jackpot