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Freebie Tuesday

Desperate, standing and peeing in tub



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I am ready to have a bath now but I am also desperate to pee. I really love the feeling of holding my bladder when I am about to have a bath, I get goose bumps, it is such a weird intimate pleasure but only when in my bathroom, yes, I can´t explain. Peeing is much more pleasant after having held my bladder minutes before. The water is running down the bathtub from the tap, the tickling sound relaxes me, the tub is filling slowly, I really love this moment. It is like feeling totally alone and weak, ahead from the world. Then I get into the tub, willing to finally pee standing up, and I start feeling the warm stream falling down my legs from my pussy. It takes some seconds to come out from my little hole, besides I also contain the stream with my urethra muscles so the pee lasts longer. Wow... I really feel so good now! And you will be very lucky, you will be able to watch this wonderful moment very close. Next I will touch, rub my pussy and wet my fingers. Wanna smell? They smell like my pee now... Finally, I sit on the full tub and wash and rinse my pussy just with water. You will love to be a witness part of this Angie´s special personal moment :-) YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you also pee in the tub haha... you will understand me! HIGHLIGHTED: the world stops out there for some minutes. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW