Tool Inspector


Angela Salvagno

American / Florida
19:21 min - Jul 30 - .MP4 - 862.05 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Angela is the Official Tool Inspector and her job is to inspect the tools at this job site. She touches, pumps, twists, pounds, rubs, grinds, and measures these tools until she gets to several that need a thorough inspection. In order to inspect these tools more she has to remove her clothes revealing her lean muscular body. She climbs up on the tool table and oils her body. She rubs the toys on each of her muscle curves, her hard chest and biceps, to test the toys strength and stability. The most important test is taken with her big juicy pussy. She fucks herself with both tools and then she finishes with the most exciting tool of all,,the drill! Drilling into her pussy the tool rotates until she explodes her hot pussy on it. #full nude, #toys ,#big clit, #huge labia, #big boobs, #oil, #masturbation, #biceps, #roleplay, #costume, #vibrator