clay beach
Freebie Tuesday

Blowbang the Stripper

18:16 min - Jul 31 - .MP4 - 1.30 GB


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Chad Diamond knows where the most amazing strip club is, it’s got the hottest dancers and the best part is they’re all super down to fuck. So Chad rounds up his four best friends for a good time and heads to the club. They all get lap dances from this really hot stripper named Jennifer, almost as a joke one of the guys whips out his cock. Expecting a good laugh by all but instead she Jennifer starts sucking. Before you know it all five guys are taking turns putting their dicks in her mouth. She gets naked letting the guys touch her, and whatever dick she's not sucking she’s jerking at least two other cocks. This chick knows how to deep throat and lets each dude cum in her mouth or her face, dealers choice