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Freebie Tuesday

Brotherly Load

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JC LEARNS TO JERK, BY READING A TEXT BOOK.... ....AND PRACTICING ON HER BROTHER!!!! JC HAS A BIG SEX-ED TEST TOMORROW ON JERKING OFF BOYS!! SHE HASN'T STUDIED....AND SHE HASN'T JERKED-OFF A BOY BEFORE!! SHE BEGS HER BROTHER TO HELP HER OUT BY LETTING HER PRACTICE ON HIM... SHE FOLLOWS THE STEP BY STEP DIRECTIONS... UNTIL SHE MAKES HIM EXPLODE WITH BOY GOO!!!! JC has a Big Test at School tomorrow in Sex-Ed. The Test is on Girls giving Handjobs. JC is in Big trouble....because it is the night before the test....and not only has She not read the text book....She has never Given a Handjob before!! Panic-Stricken....JC goes to seek Her brother's help. Figuring that the only way She can Pass the Test....and avoid going to Summer to Jerk-Off a boy for real.....JC asks Her brother for a HUGE favour. Her brother is NOT the least bit interested in helping his little Sister. JC explains that if She fails the Test...She will have to go to Summer School...."You don't want me hanging around the house all Summer do you???" She says. That makes Her brother think for a second...but....still not enough interest from him to help his Sister. JC must Sweeten The Deal. JC offers to do his chores for a Week if he'l let Her Practice on him. Sensing Her desperation.... Her brother makes a Counter-Offer..."Make it a MONTH....and you have a Deal". JC has no choice. She accepts the Offer. JC then Masturbates Her brother, while Following the Step By Step Directions in Her Sex-Ed Text Book. JC reads the Book carefully, and follows every step. Before you know it....JC has made Her brother's cock Erupt!! Boy Goo flying everywhere!!! JC and Her brother are both disgusted...but maybe now the Little Brat will Pass the Test