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Freebie Tuesday

Real: Caught BJ In Uber & Kicked Out


Amber Sonata

Dutch / Twitter: @AmberSonata
14:43 min - Jul 31 - .MP4 - 1.76 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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If you were in my car I would let you finish and maybe ask to join

I would have let you finish and maybe asked to join

I don't see the big deal!

josev84 Feb 25

should have been in my car, I'd have just asked for a copy. lol

HOLY CRAP! We wanted to do a Uber/Lyft video but ended up getting caught and kicked out of the car (thankfully we had plenty of time before getting caught) xD We were able to film getting kicked out too. Bleeped out when he said our names for privacy reasons, and blurred out his plates. I'm actually a little nervous that the driver's going to report us and get me kicked off the app, because I actually use it a lot D: This was the riskiest thing I've done in public so far, minus the Ikea video. I REALLY hope you enjoy and cum hard from it! :3 ~Amber
Would You Impregnate Me
Amber Sonata
Dutch / Twitter: @AmberSonata