Topless Fridays

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477 4.0
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ramarast7 - Top reviewer Dec 19
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I like the role play.

Getting jerk off by a random stranger is very interesting.

The ending was funny.

Part 2?


Good video

IT'S TOPLESS FRIDAY @ THE JERK CORPORATION.... SCARLET'S BIG SEXY TITS DISTRACT THIS DELIVERY DRIVER..... SO SCARLET REMOVES HIS ERECTION THE ONLY WAY SHE KNOWS HOW.... It's Friday at the J.E.R.K. Corporation....."Topless Friday" to be exact....and a Delivery Driver has a Package for us. The Receptionist, Jennifer is somewhere back in the Warehouse Jerking-Off boy there is nobody at Reception. The Driver rings the bell on the front desk....and Scarlet comes to see who it is. The Driver is immediately distracted and confused by Scarlet's Huge, Giant, Sexy Tits, as She, of course, is commemorate Topless Friday.. The Driver can't believe what he is seeing, as he has never delivered to us before....and certainly not on Topless Fridays. He asks Scarlet to sign for the Package...and She begins to look for a pen. Scarlet bends over to look under Jennifer's desk to try and find a pen....and wouldn't you know it....the site of Scarlet's Ass as She bends over....combined with Her Exposed Spectacular Boobs on Topless Friday, has given the Driver an enormous erection!! Scarlet knows how to take care of erections...that's what She does all She unzips his pants and Jerks the Driver until he blows a Massive load onto Her Big Tits. Scarlet then signs for the Package....and tells the Driver that if he has a Delivery for us on "Bottomless Wednesdays"....ask for Her....and She will let him lick Her Asshole