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Mom's perverted playmate

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*Extreme taboo fantasy with your favourite nastiest words ;) The first part of the video starts with you watching a home video your mommy recorded for you when she fell pregnant. She talks about how excited she is to have you, her own boy to train and mold exactly as she desires. All you're going to want is mommy's cunt ;) Mommy goes on to masturbate for you, knowing that by now after all these years of teasing you, walking around topless, brushing her breasts in your face and touching you during a feed that you will be craving her cunt. Next you walk in on her masturbating, she's so happy you feel the same about her as she does you and still you are so young.... her efforts have paid off. You're ready for mommy to start fucking you now, you'll breed her so she can have more sons to play with. The perfect perverted paradise.

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