Pantyhose Sneakers Masturbate Urge Cums

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A sexy blonde is decked out in a cute outfit that includes a thong leotard, sneakers, slouch socks, and white pantyhose. She is holding a clip board and it is soon found out that she is there to act as a judge for cheer tryouts. She has her first girl come in and do a routine, but this hottie in pantyhose can't sit still. She starts to get an urge that only masturbation will fix. She wants to continue with the tryouts so she does and tries to just rub her legs together, but this only turns her on more. As she goes through more applicants she starts to get more and more turned on. Her speech becomes labored as does her breathing. She tries then to rub her pussy in an inconspicuous manner, but is not having luck with that. On her last contestant she is full on rubbing her pussy and not caring who can see her. She is gasping with pleasure and loves how she feels. When her last contestant leaves she goes for it. She rubs all over her pantyhose covered pussy and rubs her body as well. This is shown from a variety of angles, including close-up. Soon she is having a huge orgasm. It is so big that it almost looks exaggerated. She bucks and kicks and goes from cumming in her chair to falling on the floor to flail around there with orgasmic spasms. She then flips backward and ends up in the plow position, her pantyhose covered ass shown off in the thong leotard. She stays there in a state of resting pleasure. Whatever cam over her, she got the most out of it and had a great pantyhose orgasm. Included in this clip: Pantyhose, Leotard Fetish, Sneaker Fetish, Thong Fetish, Thong Leotard, Slouch Socks, Socks, Masturbation, Orgasm, Plow Position, Rubbing Pussy, Hot Blondes, Blondes