Jynx Maze

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Jynx Maze is a spunky little firecracker bouncing her booty for the camera and then lies back waiting for Eric to come start the scene. She has a tribal tattoo down her hip and fuck me boots. She does the splits and smacks them together. She slaps her pussy telling Eric to come get it. She gives him a blowjob deepthroating his cock and getting all sloppy with it. Then she lies back enjoying Eric’s tongue on her clit and dick in her pussy before she sucks on him some more. Jynx’s pussy is dripping with excitement as she straddles Eric, grabs his dick and guides it into her pussy. He thrusts up into her, making those boots bounce then Jynx starts taking control grinding into his cock. She reverses facing the camera, her bald pussy getting penetrated by that big dick. They finish up in doggystyle and it’s no wonder, any man would pop his load looking down at the ass as he thrusts into a tight pussy like that. She sticks her tongue out talking to the camera about how she loves being nasty and taking loads. He sprays all over her mouth and she sucks his cock