Bad Girls Are Punished



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Ever since I moved back into the house, you and mommy have suspected I haven't been quite the same innocent girl as I was before college. I never lit incense before, had bloodshot eyes, or brought the kind of boys around that I have been recently. Something MUST be up. When I go out with my friends you search my room and what oh what do you find in my sock drawer? A vape pen. You don't believe me when I tell you it's just for tobacco. You tell me you're going to tell mommy. I beg you not to, she'll be so disappointed in me. What if she stops paying for my car insurance or phone? Please don't tell her. I'll do anything. Of course, you remind me I still have to be punished for this. First you make me get my vibrator out and start pleasing myself in front of you. This isn't enough though. Just looking at my wet, young pussy you want a feel. You start fingering me as I feel my wands magic on my clit. God it feels so good I get lost in the ecstasy. You put a finger in my ass towards the end sending me over the edge. I cum all over your fingers suddenly. I'm such a dirty slut. I promise you I'll never do anything like this ever again, but we both know all this did was make me want to get caught being a bad girl again and again daddy