Abandoned Barn POV Facial at Sunrise

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15,950 4.9
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oliv123 Jun 7

A terrific video from a terrific woman! XXX

Arrakis84 Aug 3 2017

do you eye cum my love?

Matterlor Sep 12 2017
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She shows her skill with a very big facial ending !!

Sheeran21 deleted - Top reviewer Sep 7 2017
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PavlovsWhore is truly gorgeous and sexy young woman with so much talent

FrenchLickIndiana deleted - Top reviewer Aug 8 2017
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A lot of this video's first few minutes are more urban speLunking than spunKing, so if you're the kind of person that expects a LOT of intercourse/ foreplay/ fucking nonstop, this is not the vid to start with.... BUT for a LOT of weird, real-life poking-around-strange-shacks at night, sucking & COMING quickLy, then booking out of there, aka a We Might Get Arrested Blowjob, this is a unique & CHEAP Cloe video to check out, showing you the kind of personality that creates so many fans & these many ★★★★★ reviews.

jabudels Aug 5 2017
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PavlovsWhore never disappoints! Gorgeous as always, and the vid is made with passion that enhances its sexiness.

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Not the best of her cumshot videos - it have a long introduce ... :) - But after she start - what she really like... sucking... it is perceft. :) Of course end with a cum on her face... as always PavlovsWhore is like to wear that make up :):)

FrosticNight deleted Aug 21
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Cloe decides to go on a little night time exploration journey. She searches through the abandoned barn until her need to fulfill her exhibitionist needs overacts her and she indulges by sucking a cock till it explodes with a fantastic cumshot all over her face. Watch as she gets coated and her fantastic smile of pure joy is revealed.

bunjikuga Apr 5 2018
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Another great facial video was wonderful and exciting.

Darth_Jackel deleted - Top reviewer Apr 5 2018
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Really hot watching her get blasted with that cumshot and the smile she has on her face afterwards.

Jsmith2525 Apr 5 2018
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Pavlov’s whore is such a treat to watch in this vid. Would love to go on adventures like this with her that ended in such a sticky surprise

demon2112 - Top reviewer Jan 28 2018
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Wow! This video has everything, and she looks so hot doing all those wonderfully dirty things...

ElizabethLove Jan 11 2018
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best video

tszfm123 Jan 6 2018
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Amazing video. I would love to see more of your video and as well as obtain your snap :)

tournik deleted Jan 1 2018
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awesome i wanna do that

KenKink1 - Top reviewer Dec 27 2017
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A nice idea, a little drama with a nice close face

Mossynflossy deleted Dec 25 2017
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Super cute and fun!

Dbatdan6 - Top reviewer Nov 29 2017
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So fucking sexy how u love swallowing hott loads of cum!!!❤

Arikajira - Top reviewer Nov 2 2017
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Wonderful Video, Well Done xxxxxxx I love your videos PW, You are always so upbeat and fricking adorable xxxx

Grommashhellscream - Top reviewer Oct 26 2017
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loved the style that you shot the video in.

trock230 - Top reviewer Oct 24 2017
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Just pick it up... its another great video from Cloe.. FOR FREEE!!!!

Heero_G - Top reviewer Oct 4 2017
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Always great to see Cloe pretty face covered in cum. Oh, and that's a very creepy barn by the way lol.

LarryB86 - Top reviewer Oct 3 2017
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Crazy blowjob skills.

xdragon185 Sep 23 2017
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Cloe back in another wonderful video, and what do you know it, it's free! So it's a no brainer, pick it up today!

HayleeLove - Top reviewer Sep 21 2017
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adrenaline rush!

briank1995 Sep 11 2017
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Love the excitement on her face throughout the video.

andypandy1967 Sep 9 2017
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sorry posted last review of a previous one. This one is a great outdoor scene at the neighbours where some great cock worshiping and a great facial. As always a great video from this lovely girl

justdjackson88 - Top reviewer Sep 3 2017
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Great video with a great facial ending

Itsahard0ne Sep 2 2017
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I've been following for a while on Twitter. All I will say is she loves cock and cum even more so. I think the world is by far a better place for having her in it.

Bumbling Sep 2 2017
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Hi. I have never reviewed a video on here before. Really have no idea what I am doing, After watching the video I want to say . Do not watch it in the dark. I did not know wither to jerk or watch for shadows and see if there are people hiding the shadows, The video will both turn you on as well as give you some anxiety. At lest at the end of the video a viewer will have a welcomed anxiety release. All and all its a good video . Hot BJ set in a very creep abandoned barn. Thumbs up

TheVeriarisMaker Aug 25 2017
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Trespassing? Check. Bats and cocks? Check. It checks out, everything promised is there. Well done indeed

Shcock6 Aug 20 2017
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She's just the right amount of naughty, slutty, and eager to please!

nothing42 Aug 19 2017
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be warned. don't already be jerking off. I repeat don't already be jerking off when you start this video. it is a super creepy barn and it's made even creepier by having your dick in your hand. that said this video is awesome and interesting and I have that same lawnmower and it's still hot and fap worthy after the action starts

Badlander - Top reviewer Aug 3 2017
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This video checked so many boxes that I half expected to see them both killed by some psycho killer at the end:

Middle of the night: check
Being somewhere they shouldn't be: check
Weird creepy stuff piled around: check
Having sex: check
Hey, there's even a chainsaw: bonus check!

On the bright side, it was a really interesting trip, thanks for living dangerously so we don't have to.

The action was nice and to the point, great quick blowjob with a satisfying finish, much respect from me for being able to achieve an erection in that surroundings, something I probably wouldn't have been able to. You Sir are a better man than I am.

Overall, fun video, very enjoyable.

Marck1022 - Top reviewer Aug 3 2017
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wow wow wow so fantastic rearly great!

Velour_Valnor - Top reviewer Aug 3 2017
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I'm speechless, this video is awesome

bigbuddhabear - Top reviewer Aug 2 2017
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She's beautiful and sexy and a whole lot of fun!

Hopeless94 Aug 1 2017
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Another great video, I love how Cloe always tries new things and makes every video unique.

SgtGold Sep 8 2017
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Amazing video as always <3 plus the facial at the end is awesome!

FULLY SPONTANEOUS POV ORAL WITH CUM FACIAL - 1080p/60FPS - NO MAKEUP, ALL NATURAL] Come along and welcome autumn with me on a strange, new journey... Unable to rest and consumed with the desire for adventure, I couldn't help but tease my roaming mind with the possibilities of what wonders existed beyond my bedroom walls. Rushed with a surge of explicit excitement, I take you into the depths of my backyard - and further, well past our fence and into the neighbor's property. Rumor has it: there's an abandoned barn somewhere on his ten acres, being overrun by the world around it. (Something about trespassing really gets my heart racing...) Once we locate the decaying building, I take you on a tour of its interior - with a roof that's caving in and bats screeching behind us, it's difficult for me to summon thoughts of anything more exhilarating. Dropping to my knees with a beaming smile on my face, I begin to do what I love most: taking care of your precious cock. (Ironically enough, cocks are crowing for the entirety of this scene, indicating that the sun is fast approaching - with an early rising neighbor to match.) After tasting your sweet pre-cum, I sit back and stroke your erection towards my face. Nothing makes me feel more beautiful than a hot load. After fully painting me, we depart to find that the day is glowing as much as I am and scurry back to our home
Double Facial
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