Giantess Goddess Allows Foot Worship Cum

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Your giantess goddess has you in her sock. All you can see is the white material of the sock and then you hear her voice. She calls you her tiny little man and then lets you come out. She tells you she has missed you since you strayed for a bit, but now you are back. She wants to show her gracious side to you this time, even though at any time she can mash you with her giantess feet if she wishes to. She could also put you back in her sock. There is really nothing she can't do to you since she is your giantess goddess. But for now, she allows you to give her foot worship. She shows off her beautiful feet to you, doing some sexy toe wiggling as she does, and then shows you that she could stick you in between her toes if she wanted to. But again, she wants to show her giving side right now. So, she tells you that while you give her foot worship you may also pleasure yourself. When you cum she tells you that you are a good tiny slave for her. However, you can't leave a mess in her home so you'll have to clean it all up. She then reminds you that while she can be nice, like she just was, she can also be mean. So, watch your straying and be sure to be a good little slave for her. Otherwise, you might find yourself on the mean end of this giantess goddess. Included in this clip: Giantess, Foot Worship, Foot Fetish, Goddess, Giantess Goddess, Toe Wiggling, Toe Fetish, Giantess Feet, Blonde Giantess, Blondes