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Nari Park stretches it out after her ballerina practice, she got all hot and sweaty dancing all day. She twirls around and her dress is so short you can see her pretty asian booty. Which also is sore so she massages her butt working out the kinks. Then she notices her bush is showing through her leotard, she moves it aside admiring her own bush of pubic hair. He fingers brushes against her clit and it feels good so she decides to lie back and rub her pussy, masturbating right there with her leotard pulled to the side. But then her step dad Damien enters almost catching her. He’s a new step dad and they’re still getting to know each other. She holds on to him and demonstrates some ballerina moves. He can’t help but notice her short her skirt is. This gives Nari an idea, she asks her stepdad to strip naked. She investigates his cock, it’s the first she’s seen. She’s surprised how soft it is. Nari lies her step daddy down and sits on his balls squeezing them between her ass cheeks. She bounces up and down on his nuts. She looks at his cock some more, it’s now hard and looks so different then when it was soft. She’s so curious, she bites his cock asking how it feels. He seems to like it so she keeps biting, she moves down to the nuts biting them too. She’s never given a blowjob before so she tries sucking on his cock. It’s so much fun. Nari gets naked, her step dad licks that pretty Asian pussy, she moans never feeling anything quite like that. He makes her cum and then he puts his cock inside her. She feels so naughty losing her virginity to her new step daddy. His cock feels so good inside of her. He shows her how to fuck in different positions before he covers her bush in his daddy cum
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