Doll Curious w/ Anastasia Rose HD MP4

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I watched a documentary one time on life size sex dolls...not the plastic blow up dolls but the real life like silicone dolls. At first I was a little scared of what I saw...maybe just scared of the interest I had when I saw one on tv. I was house sitting one day for a friend. He mentioned to me one time that he had one...maybe thats the reason I volunteered to house sit. While he was away I took the doll out, dressed her up and placed her on the couch. I couldn't get over how realistic she was. The skin felt real, the hair felt real...her holes felt so real. I rubbed her feet on my breast, sucked her toes and fingers...I just can't get enough of this amazing silicone it the art or the lust that drives me to want her.***Check out my other sex doll vids