Magic Muscled Amazonian


Angela Salvagno

American / Florida
14:25 min - Aug 03 - .MP4 - 641.21 MB - 1280x720 HD


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angela is a very powerful witch that these men don't realize they are up against. these men not knowingly provoke her into using her magic powers transforming their wimpy selves into tiny pathetic pieces of meat. she picks them up one by one carrying them to her table where she teases them telling them their fate. at first she thinks she should burn them alive but that would be too easy,,she wants to hurt them even more. she wants to show them the most powerful throat in all of female bodybuilding. she wants them to feel her strength of her throat as she swallows each one to their doom . as she swallows them she crains back her neck. she flexes her muscles after each time she eats. she does a huge most muscular. then she finishes them by chugging down water. she talks to each one until the last one who she knows is the ring leader. he is the supreme jerk behind all the trash talking about female bodybuilders. he is the one that she wants to punish the most. she swallows him whole crushing him with her throat then finishing him with her water. she flexes hard showing off her veins in her upper body. she takes off her shirt to reveal her hard powerful upper body topless. she flexes her most muscular to reveal how powerful her body is and that throat that just destroyed each guy one by one. #up close shots of throat #pov #muscular woman #giantess #amazon #veins #flexing #eating #[***]g #throat fetish