Stuck Friends Arielle Lane Brittany Shae

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Brittany Shae is engrossed in her book and even walks when reading. Unfortunately she falls into a garbage can and can't get out! <BR><BR> Her denim daisy dukes show off her curvy ass as she kicks and attempts to escape. Arielle Lane notices her flailing legs and is overwhelmed by seeing someone stuck in a trashcan. Brittany loses one of her sandals as Arielle tries to free her. <BR><BR> Brittany understands that Arielle isn't strong enough pull her out, and is resigned to wait for her boyfriend to get home. Feeling bad, Arielle offers to get in the stinky garbage can until stronger help arrives. <BR><BR> They commiserate over the embarrassing situation and at times play footsie when their legs cross in the air. Arielle keeps her wedges on, but Brittany remains in one flip flop. <BR><BR> Looking on the bright side, they laugh as they try to do pilates and yoga in the garbage cans. Their legs stretch and flex in a bicycling motion. They realize it's going to be a long night of exercise because Brittany's boyfriend works late. Perhaps a nap is the best way to pass the time! <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS- kicking, one shoe, humour, embarrassment, humiliation, Brittany Shay,  Ariel Lane, DID, brunettes, brunette, leg fetish, Denim, wedges