Ivy Adams
Freebie Tuesday

Orgasm Lessons

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207 5.0
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Just bought this and I have zero regrets about it. Amazing! Thank You

mauricef - Top reviewer Aug 12
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Honestly, this blew my mind! I think it was the combination of watching 'Dreaming' and now this one. It was so good! At its core it's a spanking/masturbation video, but the genius was how you tied everything together. Hopefully this doesn't seem like ass kissing, (though I would love that :) but I was in shock - what am I witnessing here! Even the 20sec trailer was amazing - the scenes you selected and the choice of music - it was just exceptional. It seems as you make more videos, you experiment, you try new ideas, and it's getting better and better. You took everything to a whole 'nother level! It's a joy to witness and I'm excited to see what the future brings! Thank you!

Thank you so much!! I know you often leave reviews (thanks btw). But it really does mean a lot to know that someone appreciates and enjoys what I'm making, particularly with the more experimental videos I've been doing. <3:*)

Being taught lessons by my favourite teacher is always fun, but what's even more fun is reciting his rules and regulations. Each lesson has its application for both good and bad girls, from spanking punishments to feverish fingering Sir makes sure we all do as he says. Can you tell which type of student I am