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Secret Stripper Step-Mom-1080p

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Custom Video- No names used- You stay up late one night waiting for me to come home to bust me dressed super slutty!  Your step-dad is out of town and you confront me asking why I am dressed like this.  Short hot pink dress, hair up, thigh highs and stripper heels!  I come clean but beg you not to tell your Step-Dad.  You say you will only if I show you my stripper skills by giving you a personal lap dance!?!?! I begrudgingly agree and proceed to give you a lap dance to music. After, you still want more.  The lap dance got you super aroused and you tell me that I need to fuck you now!!!!!! If I do that, you will definitely keep your mouth shut!  You tell me you want to blow all over my face just like a slutty stripper!

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