Indiscretions - A Cheating Wife Fantasy


Marie Madison

American / Pennsylvania
01:52:58 hours - Aug 04 - .MP4 - 1.73 GB - 854x480
My First Ever Porn Movie! Written and Directed by Me, starring me and my girlfriend Kami! - Mark and Kami seem like the perfect couple. Except for one small detail - Kami can't stop cheating. She confides in her best friend, Marie, who would be willing to help her out, if she didn't have a thing for Mark herself. As Kami's libido rises, so do Mark's suspicions of Kami's behavior, and Marie becomes more intent on getting what she really wants! My first full length porn movie (almost 2 hours!) Includes my first ever movie anal scene, my first Strap On lesbian domination scene with Kami, and Kami's first time getting dominated by Daddy. This is a big part of my past, and it's only available to Members! Join now to see this and other full movies, plus many other exclusive scenes
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