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Angel Lee

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This was a custom and if you would like your own please email me at AngelLeeCustoms at y a h o o dot com <BR><BR>   After Angel Lee was bartered for sexual services for her husband's debts, things have changed. He lies naked and mummified in saran wrap. She enters in a red waist cincher, black stockings and stilettos. It's time for him to serve and she can exploit him for whatever she pleases. <BR><BR> She sits with her knees on his bulging cock and taunts with her tight, wet pussy before licking his face. Of course he will never feel her cunt clammed around his dick.  She puts her stocking clad soles on his face while tickling his cock and balls with her other foot. He avoids smelling and licking her stinky feet, which infuriates her. Angel jumps on him and pins him down by biting his neck. Tamed and docile, he can only use his mouth and tongue while he diligently licks and sucks her smelly, ripe feet. <BR><BR> Mounting her slave's face, she squats in a reverse cowgirl and spreads her pussy wide while commanding him to fuck her with his tongue. Angel grinds her pussy on his mouth and nose while asking if he can taste the cum from the delicious stud she drained. She fucked him twenty minutes ago and he better enjoy sucking out all of the cum since this is his new job! Turning around, she facesits him with her pussy. Her lips cover his nose and face and she taunts him about fucking like a man. <BR><BR> Angel grabs a mouth dildo gag because his little clitty cock would never satisfy her like the big fat cocks she craves. She would never fuck a slave, but shoves her feet deep in his mouth. Sitting on him, she puts the cock gag in his mouth and sucks the black head. She rubs the cock between her lips and teases her pussy down the shaft, demanding that he sniff her ass while she fucks his face. Using long, slow strokes, she plays with her clit, enjoying the sensation of being filled with a big, black cock. <BR><BR> Angel repositions herself into a 69 position and places her soles on his head while the dildo goes deeper inside. Her pussy lips and asshole covers him as she dips up and down. If he cums before her, he will never be allowed to have another orgasm! He refrains from climax and is glad to hear her cum hard while riding him. His last job is to suck her juices off the dildo like a good little slave. <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS cuckhold, femdom, foot slave training, foot worship, foot fetish, foot domination, cum eating instruction, CEI, facesitting, small penis humiliation, SPH, face fucking, orgasm control, orgasm denial, female orgasm, female masturbation, mummification, male mummication, bound males, male bondage, gags, chest sitting, lap sitting corsets, nylons, thigh highs, red fingernails, red nails
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