So What If We're Cousins

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Finally I've got some alone time with my cousin! Mother is out buying groceries and after that she's going to an IT store, so we have the whole afternoon for ourselves! I've had a crush on him since like forever, he's so beautiful and such a cultivated man, he's absolutely charming, I've never found a man like him, and I swear God I searched a lot. I want him in my mouth, but that's just too taboo to begin with so I touch his cock through the jeans pretending I want to tickle him with my feet. I feel with my little toes how his dick is getting harder and harder and even if he's protesting and telling me to keep the distance he can't deny that he's getting hard for his own cousin. Then he just can't stop his curiosity, he always wanted to see my boobs, they are big and natural and apparently the attraction for my titties has been very strong in him! So he pulls out my tits from my blouse, confessing that he was always curious about them. I take his cock out of his pants and start jerking it off while he discovers that I'm not wearing any panties under my short skirt and touches my pussy. I encourage him to touch me more, to rub my clit while I am rubbing and squeezing his cock. I've never imagined that we'll come to mutual masturbation, I dreamed about it but never believed that it will truly happen! Well, it's family affairs after all, what happens in this family stays in the family! I don't know what made him so hard, my big natural tits, my bare pussy, the fact that I'm an attractive young brunette? Probably all of these! I want him badly in my mouth so I put it there and start sucking it. Oral sex is the best, either given or received. I pleasantly surprised him with my DeepThroat skills, his cock is big, but there isn't a cock too big for my mighty throat! If it's to big I might be gagging on it, but I like very much to surprise my sex partners with my DeepThroat. I sucked his cock until he just couldn't resist more and announced that he was gonna cum. I love cumming! The CumShot splashed on my big boobs which he admires so much, I left him happy and incredulous that all what I told you now actually happened to him
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