Mommy Needs This

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You know that your Mom wouldn't ask you for something if it wouldn't be sooo pressing for your dear Mommy! You also probably know that I do all kinds of things for you, like cleaning the house, getting food, being watchful to your needs and so on. Well, this one time I need YOU to do something for Mommy. It will not be hard, it will be really pleasant for both of us, mother and son. I know that I'm not asking of you the most natural thing in the world, but it will get less awkward if you don't think about it too much. Some call it taboo, but for me it's just biology. Better yet, I don't want you to think about it at all, I really want you to do it, because Mommy needs this! It's been a really long time since mommy had sex, I think I forgot how a real cock looks like and I'm so bored of masturbation... I need a man's attention, care and cock :)) You just unzip your pants and let this blowjob happen! After a little cock-tease I'll put my beautiful mouth around it to make it big and hard, to fit perfectly in my tight pussy. Why should I find another man when my son grew up and developed so quickly? I'm also pretty sure that you'll be absolutely surprised by my ability to do DeepThroat! Be sincere, have you ever had your dick sucked and DeepThroated like this! Of course not, your Mommy has a lot of experience and treats you with care and love, you're my son and I love you, but I'll not be afraid to use a lot of dirty talk with you! You can touch and fondle my Big Natural Boobs now, I've observed you looking at them many times in the past... Now these titties are yours to play! But the Blow Job is just the prelude for some good fucking, I'm impatient to feel it deep in my cunt after I've sucked it, it's my reward, Mommy needs this, remember? He penetrated me from behind, Doggy-Style while I was screaming and moaning in absolute pleasure. We even fucked on a high bar stool, also from behind and I had the most powerful orgasm ever! I really missed a good fuck, I needed one and I'm the kind of woman who asks for it! I'm not so egocentric to care only about my pleasure, I want my son to feel as good as I felt when he made me cum, cumming feels amazing and I want to show this to him! So I'll suck and rub his cock a little more until he's on the edge and then tease his cock head with the tip of my tongue and watch how the white creamy cum squirts out of his beautiful cock. It's been an unforgettable experience for both of us
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