Freebie Tuesday

4K: Jasmine Jae & Barbie Lesbo Leathers

14:06 min - Aug 05 - .MP4 - 1.14 GB - 3840x2160 HD


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It's the end of a long night and Jasmine is closing up the bar. But she's not in a hurry to turn away gorgeous blonde Barbie. Both dressed in the TIGHTEST OF TIGHT LEATHER PANTS, these girls want the same thing...each other! The black leather shines brilliantly as Jasmine and Barbie writhe in pleasure.They can't keep their hands off each other' leather-clad ASSES as they rock and gyrate on the top of the bar. Jasmine licks Barbie's pussy through the leather, and Barbie returns the favour by LICKING her too in an incredible tight leather lesbo SIXTY-NINE!! These two hyper-endowed girls SCISSOR UP, and with a vibe pressed against their sex organs, they FUCK EACH OTHER through their leather pants! And that vibe gets a whole load more use as Jasmine and Barbie ride and pump in their leathers for even more sexual pleasure! CONTAINS SEXUAL SCENES AND TOPLESS NUDITY