First ever whip and hitachi for asian gi

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From the very beginning there were no such moments that the pain was unpleasant .... all the time it was interesting "but what else?" Only at the end, I do not remember what kind of a whip, but on the one hand it hurt, on the other - it's rather scary, and here all the thoughts jumped. Because on the one hand it's a pain, but nice, on the other it's on the edge and it's scary that it's going to get worse, but then the stop works, because I believe you, and I know what your goal is to pleasure and that you'll stop long before, how something can go wrong So it only remained to watch your feelings and let out an emotion This is a great buzz Another location delivered separately I realized that this is one of my fetishes))) Windows in the city ..... a panorama .... and at the same time a reflection I used to love upper floors, sit, watch, coffee and be necessarily nude Besides, I love my body, I told you, so mirrors, reflection .... I like how I look after sex, it's some kind .... as an acquaintance with myself .... I'm standing in front of a mirror. Calm, beautiful, satisfied. At me slightly knees tremble and the breast is filled, costs or stands ...... I like to see myself in such status And here .... I feel you with my back ..... and creeps ... and at the same time I see how you fold something in your hands in the reflection of the glass .... and I see how you look at me ..... The coolest thing is that I, like crazy, peek behind this look. I do not need to respond to it, I can not answer ... you do not know what I'm looking at ..... and it turns out that this moment is only mine And the fact that you like it, then that you want me at that moment. Everything, from the emotion to the body, it's madly winds))) And it's cool that it's just a glass with a view of the city, and not a purely mirror. Because there is variability. That is, one picture is not imposed on the view. I wanted to focus on the landscape, wanted to-reflection, wanted-all turn off the review And when you are rhythmically hit over my chest, it is a separate song So is the chest, papillae and more or less prolonged exposure at regular intervals ..... I have got a big orgasm
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