Curious Cousin

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I'm glad I'm here, at you're house, I thought I'll never get rid of my annoying mother, thanks God she's not here anymore! I can't really believe our mothers are sisters, they are so different! Yours is cool, gives you permission to do all sort of things like going to clubs or flirting with girls while mine keeps me locked into the house all the time and, I don't know if you believe me or not but I have no interesting experiences at all, for example I've never seen a boy naked in my life, and look at me! I'm almost a grown up! Speaking of this, would you mind if I'd ask you to show me some... intimate parts of yours? There's nothing weird in this, I've just known you for such a long time and I know I could ask you for some things... You must understand me, I've never seen a cock in my life and I'm very curious! Would you mind if you showed it to me? I can show you my little virgin pussy too, I'll just open my legs, pull my skirt up and let you see it, I know you were looking at my fishnets and probably you want to see to what's beyond them. I don't care if we are cousins, this is all just about curiosity! Oh, it's really big! Does everybody have it so big or it's just you? What? There are men with small dicks? I can't believe it, you're fooling me! No, I don't believe it gets bigger, you have to show it to me if you want me to believe! I know you must do something to make it get bigger, would it help if I show you my big natural boobs? Look, one Tit for you, even my nipple got hard! No, I'm not flirting with you, but watching you rubbing it makes me want to put a finger or two up my little cunt. Do you mind if I finger myself in front of you? It's very pleasant for me! What you do there it's called jerking, right? I heard that's how it is called, jerking off, I know some things, however. If we're doing it together and I tell you how to do it I think it's called masturbation instruction. But enough with the definitions! I have to admit that I'm most interested in what comes at the end: cumming. I heard that cum has a very sweet taste, and I'm totally addicted to sweet things, and it would be better for both of us if you cum in my mouth, we'll just avoid the mess. So please, please, cum in my mouth, I want your cum
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