Freebie Tuesday

Don't be mad Daddy

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418 5.0
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quot;Don't be upset Daddy. I'm sorry I tied you up..... It's just everyone is talking about having sex and well.... I haven't yet and I want to,,, but I just want it to be with the prefect man for me. Your the prefect man for me Daddy..... I looked at the porn on your computer... I wanted to see what you liked... Do you like the socks I put on? What about my pigtails? I know your saying no but it feels like you want me Daddy. This is my special moment... Our special moment. Don't worry I'll never tell Mom. I bet my pussy is a lot tighter then hers'. Are you ready find out? ..... Oh .. What was that. I just felt something shoot up inside of me... Did you just cum inside me Daddy? I want to make you cum again&quot
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