A Quiet Smoke

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This video will allow you to discover a quiet Amedee with a piercing look and vintage, pinup clothes. I'm smoking, my favorite activity excluding sex, I'm a nicotine addict and I usually smoke a lot, more than a pack per day, and no, I'm not scared of the risk. I smoke Marlboro long because I like their kick and the cork filter which lets you inhale more smoke than other filters. I really needed a cigarette, so there are a lot of deep inhales, I want to smoke a lot, to suck all the smoke from that cigarette and I like to exhale it all in long exhales when the smoke comes out of my lungs smoothly, like from a chimney, but faster. There are also some nose exhales, but I like it best to let it out through my mouth... orally. Besides smoking, your eyes will surely notice my deep cleavage which shows my big boobs and my pretty lips that are really sucking the smoke out of that cigarette. The weather is hot already here so I'm using a hand fan to keep myself comfortable with all the smoke I exhale