Sisters torment little brother

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Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
490 5.0
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BigBruh702 - Top reviewer Aug 10
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This video was funny, sexy, and pretty close to a real life scenario which made me absolutely love it! Two of the most gorgeous women on the planet sharing their body odors with their little bro...COUNT ME IN!!! As a fan of smell fetish content, I loved every second of this video and would gladly purchase another like this any day!

Savannah and jasmine just get home from a long sweaty work out at the gym. they notice there little brother watching T.V. and decide to annoy and pester him. they join him on the couch, shoving him from his warm comfy spot. Immediately he is overwhelmed with the pungent stench coming from his sisters. the smell is so strong and raunchy that he cant help but blurt out how fucking smelly and stinky they are. Savannah and Jasmine of course see this as an opportunity. Savannah takes the remote from her little brother and starts flipping through the channels just to get on his nerves. they start to tease him with the remote, playing monkey in the middle with their little brother as he c hokes on their terrible stench and begs them to return it. They taunt him back and forth until he finally ask what they want in return for the remote. Both sisters agree to return the remote if... he smells how stinky they are. He immediately changes his mind and tells them to keep the remote. however, they have other plans. They grab him and quickly pin him down, making their little brother sniff every stinky part on their bodies. Starting with the both of their big smelly asses. Plopping down on his face to where his nose is buried in the deepest part of where the foul smells are lurking. They s mother his whole face with there raunchy, sweaty, stinky asses and pussies. Making him to take deep breaths while pinning him to the floor as he struggles for air. After tormenting their little brother for what seemed to be a life time for him, they decide to take it a step further and put his face deep into their dripping wet armpits. Leaving behind most of their sweat and stench on his face. He begs and cries out for them to stop, his sisters just laugh hysterically while tormenting and humiliating there sad helpless little brother. The bratty bitchy sisters could care less about his mewling protest. After t orturing and s mothering there little brother with their asses, pussies, tits, and terrible smelling armpits, leaving him permanently coated with their stench. he finally agrees to do all their bitch work, chores and paint their nails, do their laundry, etc. Giggling, the sisters agree but have one last fuck you to the little sibling. Savannah takes the remote and shoves it down her shorts and then rubs it all over her sweaty ass crack, before throwing it to him and leaving with a big smile. Bye little bro... have fun being our little brother bitch