Freebie Tuesday

Double Cum / Fingers Only

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1,351 5.0
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Grandducmv Aug 22 2017
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Every video from Bailee is an enchantment.
She's litteraly the definition of being sensual. <3

tigerspider - Top reviewer Aug 6 2017
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Perfection! This tantalizing video is yet another gift from the incomparably beautiful and sexy Bailee. Quintessentially lovely as always, watching her caress herself to amazing climaxes in a cozy, naturally lit setting on the couch is incredibly heartwarming and ferociously arousing. Bailee is the girl next door. You gaze across the hedgerow fence and marvel at her lovingly tending to her wondrous garden and cannot stop watching her. The sunlight dances upon her stunning deep red hair and when she looks up you see the emerald sparkle of her gorgeous eyes. Her otherworldly body moves with grace as she cares for her bountiful crops. You find her both immensely lovely and tremendously sexy at the same time. You want to be part of her world. Then your fantasies begin. You imagine her lying back in her living room clad in a denim shirt beneath which is a little pale top that clings to her perfect breasts. She is only wearing white floral panties and her beautiful legs draw you in. Bailee begins to rub herself through her panties and her stunning and expressive face begins to show her pleasure. When she pulls the panties to the side to reveal her glorious triangle of coppery pubic hair you are entranced by the sight of her glistening wetness. You lose yourself as she rubs her clit and lets out delightful sounds of her hedonistic joy. She pulls her top down and you catch sight of the most extraordinary peach-pink nipples you have ever seen. You cannot help to immerse yourself in self-indulgence and feverishly stroke yourself to the most beautiful lady in the world. This video sets exactly this scene and Bailee is absolutely divine. She is so naturally gorgeous and her sensuality is impecabbly captured by this intimate video.

jarya5 - Top reviewer Dec 10 2017
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Another perfect video from Bailee! At this point, I just know that I'm always going to get something good from her. This video is just so well shot, switching from a wide, whole-body angle to a closeup multiple times that it just gives you such a great look at her. A few highlights: Bailee masturbating over her panties during the first closeup, her bring her knee up to her mouth as she fingers herself to cum, and at the end as she looks into the camera and spreads her pussy. With this last one, it's impossible not to feel as though it's a little personal as she does it and just increases the intimacy of the video so much.

This video alternates between full body and close-up shots, starting with me teasing my pussy over and under my panties for a couple moments before pulling them to the side to rub my clit and finger myself to have two orgasms ^_^ All natural with no additional lighting