Put In His Place Part 2 - Angel Lee


Angel Lee

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This was a custom and if you would like your own please email me at AngelLeeCustoms at y a h o o dot com <BR><BR> Angel Lee demonstrates that men are not automatically stronger than women when wrestling. Scott Torvea asserts that he slipped in his previous defeat but this time, he will defeat her. <BR><BR> They bearhug, before Scott is thrown to the ground and she scissors his neck in a 69 position. Her thighs wrap tightly and his face turns purple as he tries to wedge his hands between her strong grip. She doesn't even break a sweat and mocks that a tiny girl can take him down. His gasps for breath make her laugh and his movements become slower as she rocks her body back and forth with her scissorhold. Angel humiliates him by sitting on him with her ass. Shaking her ass in his face, he's shocked every time her tiny thong covers his nose and he inhales her ass. Scott can't take the taunting humiliation and taps out! <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS - scissor hold, scissoring, grappling,  mixed fighting, wrestling, fantasy wrestling, facesitting, thigh fetish, legs, apartment wrestling,  female domination, muscle domination, muscular woman, strong woman, powerful woman, femdom, female supremacy, microbikini, bikini fetish, red fingernails