Put In His Place Part 3 - Angel Lee


Angel Lee

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This was a custom and if you would like your own please email me at AngelLeeCustoms at y a h o o dot com <BR><BR> Angel Lee sits on Scott Torvea's chest before letting him slowly get up. Since he was such a dick about women being weaker than men, she throws him into a side scissorhold. He grabs her strong thighs, but she's too strong for him. The veins pop on his forehead and he turns a lovely shade of purple as she squeezes harder. Her thick thighs shake with the pressure and his struggling makes her laugh. Flipping to a 69 position, she alternates between the two positions and taunts him. < BR><BR> They rock back and fort has she shoves his face deep in her crotch. As a break from the pressure, she sits on his face and grinds her tiny thong over his nose. Her thighs wrap around his face and nose before she smothers with her huge tits. When he gives lip, she ass smothers him, bouncing and twerking on his face. <BR><BR> Angel loves seeing his face between her legs, and scissors alternate with facesitting. She asks if he learned his lesson and sits on his stomach before watching tv. <BR><BR>  OTHER KEYWORDS - scissor hold, scissoring, grappling,  mixed wrestling, wrestling, fantasy wrestling, thigh fetish, legs, apartment wrestling,  female domination, muscle domination, muscular woman, strong woman, powerful woman, femdom, female supremacy, stomach sitting microbikini, bikini fetish, red fingernails
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