Uncaring Boss ButtDrop - Angel Lee


Angel Lee

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This was a custom and if you would like your own please email me at AngelLeeCustoms at y a h o o dot com <BR><BR> Angel Lee bounces in her cute costume while her boss is bound and spreadeagle. He made her wear the skimpy outfit in the cold, but nobody else had to! Standing on him, she taunts as she jumps up and lands with her ass on his vulnerable stomach. <BR><BR> Over and over she buttdrops on him and uses her feet to dig into his belly as she stands. Sometimes she sits on his chest when mocking him. All he sees is her skirt flying up and the blond ponytails whipping across her face as her full weight bears down on him. <BR><BR> She loves feeling his bones crush beneath her strong legs and feet. Angel considers him less than human and feels no guilt or remorse for beating him down with her ass and feet. Each time he moans it's sweet revenge for when he embarrassed her in that awful outfit! For the grand finale, she tramples his abs with big jumps, using her feet and one big butt drop! <BR><BR>  OTHER KEYWORDS - bondage male, male bondage, dehumanization, human furniture, jumping, femdom, costumes, cosplay, chest sitting, stomach sitting, revenge, pigtails, muscular woman, strong woman, powerful woman
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