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impregnation Sex with son in solarium



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I am waiting for my son in the solarium wearing my very slutty lingerie. His father is not gone for long....he has just gone to the store so I know that we do not have much time and that is such a turn on for me knowing that we could get caught. I can see the neighbor's windows from where I am sitting and remind him that if they were to just look out their window they would see me sucking and fucking my son. Taunting him to pull out his cock I tell him how much I want to such him. Go ahead baby ....fuck your mommy's pussy. He starts pounding my pussy and I realize that he is not wearing a condom but I do not want him to stop. I tell him that it is okay. We will just make daddy believe it is his. I want to have your baby sweety. So horny I do not last long and I have a screaming orgasm on his cock which makes him spew his load in me and I confess that actually the timing is perfect. I think you gave me a baby