Piper's Positions

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DrVenture28 - Top reviewer Jun 21
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This is probably one of the most unique non-sex videos I've seen on Manyvids... Really that I've seen on any site. I def appreciated this one, I'm more of a missionary with feet up or locked together fan so I came to that one which means I had to rewind it to the start before cumming instead of cumming at the end but if you like watching women actually getting into the position, and I do... I think women getting into the position is as sexy as them in the position, without the producer of the content editing that part out of the video then this is a must buy.

Dakota and Pete are very open with their friends so they were not shy when Piper Rose asked them to get naked. It turns out that Piper wanted them to demonstrate some sex positions she had read about. Piper requested to see the missionary, doggie, spoon and even limp starfish position. Pete says "Don't forget about cowgirl!&quot