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Deny Yourself For Bliss



American / Neverland
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You think that you have what it takes to Serve, and you think that you are prepared for the addiction that awaits. But you don't have any idea of how far the rabbit hole goes, you don't know what Bliss awaits if you only have the courage for sacrifice. It begins with your cock, and that nasty habit you have of touching yourself anytime you want. But that cock is mine now. And I want it locked up, unable to find release, unable to find relief. You will be amazed at how it will change you, giving up your addiction to the flesh. It will be replaced with a deeper addiction, something purer, more divine - the worship of your Goddess, a true dedication, true loyalty. You will change forever, in the best of ways. Deny yourself, and discover what happiness truly is. Contains the Following Fetishes: Non-nude. Chastity. Orgasm Denial. Tease. Denial. Humiliation. Humiliatrix. Verbal Humiliation. Cocktease. Princess. Brat. Femdom. Female Domination. Femdom POV. Goddess Worship
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