Good Little Cumslut



American / Neverland
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I love slipping into your mind and molding it how I see fit. Retraining your thoughts, your desires, your passions. You don't want to be My good little cumslut, but you are going to be. We're going to start now. Take out your cock and start stroking for your Goddess - but make sure you have a plate on hand. I am going to tease you, instruct you, urge you along. And soon, we'll have you craving cum like your very survival depends on it. Contains the Following Fetishes: Non-nude. CEI. Cum Eating Instruction. Jerk Off Instruction. JOI. Masturbation Instruction. Tease. Humiliation. Humiliatrix. Verbal Humiliation. Cocktease. Princess. Brat. Femdom. Female Domination. Femdom POV. Goddess Worship