You Need Cum Programming



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Curiosity is such a dangerous thing, pet. You've fantasized about eating your own cum, licking your fingers clean from that white, sticky semen while I watch and laugh. You thought it would remain a fantasy, didn't you? Silly bitchboy. I love nothing more than turning helpless men into cum-desperate sluts. And now, it's your turn. By the time I'm finished with you, you will be nothing more than an addict. My eager little cum whore. Craving the taste of cum against your tongue. Hot. Salty. Creamy. You never knew that it could taste so good. And now you are desperate for more.. What was once a simple, curious desire has become an overwhelming need, a desire that grows more powerful, more urgent with every second. You NEED cum. You ache for it – the hunger overwhelming, insatiable. You need the salty warmth curling down your throat. Only then can you find satisfaction. Only with cum upon your lips can you find your ecstatic release. My voice, so deceptively gentle, will lull you into a state of relaxation – your mind weakening with every passing moment. Your psyche opening wide beneath My power as I carefully reprogram your inner self. I will plant triggers like tiny seeds that shall take root within your soul, and I will reweave the pathways of your neurons until your thoughts are of My creation. You will be My cumdrunk loser, pleading for one more hot load, all over your face. Always aching for another taste. Always desperate for more. Remember: Listen with headphones to receive full audio effects. Contains the Following Fetishes: Non-nude. Mesmerize. Mindfuck. Mental Domination. Cum Eating Instruction. Programming. Triggers. Subliminal. Audio Effects. Visual Effects. Tease. Humiliation. Humiliatrix. Verbal Humiliation. Cocktease. Princess. Brat. Femdom. Female Domination. Femdom POV. Goddess Worship