The Game Isn't Over Yet, Sissygirl



American / Neverland
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You got scared, didn't you? Drawn in too far, unable to resist, addicted to obeying My every whim, handing over money you knew you couldn't spare. But I've told you before, pet. I make the rules, and the game isn't over until I say it's over. I have pictures of all of the humiliating things I made you do, breaking down your dignity until all that was left was a pile of grateful sobs and silky panties and disgusting cum. Remember how I wanted to know about your work? And your family? Yeah... I think your wife and your boss need to know exactly what kind of man you really are. And in about ten minutes... They're going to see for themselves. Unless you show Me just how desperate you are for the truth to remain hidden. Contains the Following Fetishes: Non-nude. Sissification. Sissy Sluts. Blackmail. Blackmail Fantasy. Blackmail Fetish. Tease. Cocktease. Princess. Brat. Femdom. Female Domination. Femdom POV. Goddess Worship
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