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It's that time of year again, My pets. You got back your W-2 and you are excited, imagining the pleasures you can buy yourself - a vacation, new gadgets, new clothes. Oh, My silly puppet. You should know better by now - that money isn't yours. It's Mine. All Mine. You are going to take every single one of those dollars and deposit it in My greedy little hands, and you will know true pleasure. The pleasure of serving a Goddess, in sacrificing all comforts for her, in making her happiness your entire world.... That is what you live for. So pay up, My little piggie. It's that time again. Contains the Following Fetishes: Non-nude. Tease. Financial Domination. Findom. Money Fetish. Money Slave. Denial. Humiliation. Humiliatrix. Verbal Humiliation. Cocktease. Princess. Brat. Femdom. Female Domination. Femdom POV. Goddess Worship