Lose Yourself in Me



American / Neverland
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My voice is so deceptively soothing - gentle, soft, alluring. It twines across your mind with wicked ease - and you find yourself relaxing with every moment that passes. You cannot tear your eyes away from My beautiful body - every luscious curve is the weapon that brings you to your knees. My beauty consumes you, and My voice ensnares you - tangling you further within My web of control. It feels so good to relax, to worship at My feet. To give up control and let Me take the reins. Lose yourself in Me, and you shall experience true bliss. It is so much fun to toy with you. To tease your senses and watch all of your defenses fall. Your mind opened wide to My manipulations.I am your greatest Addiction. I am your greatest Temptation. Your reason for breathing. And you? You are just My jerk junkie bitchboy. And by the time this programming is complete, you will be so much more. When I am through with you, pet - there is nothing you won't do for Me. Are you ready for My most intense programming video yet