Domme Ari Giantess Stuff Fetish Intruder

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British / Lancashire
20 5.0
3:39 min - Aug 05 - .MP4 - 545.69 MB


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Domme Ari Giantess Stuff Fetish Intruder - Giantess of Bigfootatoepea roleplay, In this the hapless intruder goes out to seek the horny mean giantess He finds her bedroom, but falls in love with her at first sight! Under her bewitching spell the poor soul is used for the giantesses pleasure, finding its body and head pressed deep and fully into the Giantess' wet warm cunt and used as her play thing! - The giantess whilst mocking the stupid intruder tells the story of its punishment, and that no-one is safe when Ari the Giantess is around :D (please note that some of the scenes may crop off at the bottom, this was self filmed, so when I lie low the camera misses parts... hence low price