My first time smoking vape, and coughing



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I have never smoked in my whole life, not even a single cigarette. Today I visited a friend of mine who used to smoke and three years ago he decided to change cigarettes to start vaping, and he did well! So I asked him to lend me his vape pen, just out of curiosity. I didn´t know if my throat could bear the vape and whatever the hell it has inside. He taught me to use it, first I need to press a button to burn... something? and then I just inhale deep inside my throat through its cigarette filter. My first drags are worthy of a real disastrous rookie, I barely expel any vape through my inexperienced mouth... but I improve my puffing technique as I keep on inhaling time and time again. It tastes pretty good, I am surprised. Now I even expel some vape, wow it is cool! hahaha But I guess I start feeling a frog in my throat because of a light hoarseness. I caugh for the first time, but it won´t be the only one. I keep on inhaling to feel like a real cool chick, but coughing is now more frequent. Will I survive this exciting mystic moment, baby? YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you would like to teach me to smoke like a real expert. HIGHLIGHTED: I can´t do everything well in my life! INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW
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