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Toenail polish session, extreme close-up



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My manicure is so cute and sexy: long coloured nails for a sexy girl as I am... but what about my toenails? I also want to adorn them like they deserve. My special long toes must be beautiful and atrractive, they support my body weight during the whole day so I shouldn´t forget them! I take my pedicure bag and I get ready to put toenail polish on them. What colour will I choose? Well, something similar to my nails colour right now. Cool! Violet is fresh, happy and flashy. My toes will be so classy with this "young" colour. Don´t miss this super extreme close-up angle of my long toes and bare feet on the floor while I slowly put the purple polish on my toenails. You will get every single detail of my singular feet andd toes, even their little calluses and a bit of a skin dryness. Ok, I also have some little short hairs in my toes, you caught me! :-P Imperfection is lovely... But don´t deny my toes and feet are genuine and you love me taking care of them as if my hands were yours. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you dream of my sexy long toes, now they are almost yours. HIGHLIGHTED: you will stare at my feet so close and clear in your eyes that you will think you are right here, darling. You can even touch them with your... INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW
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