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Wild Giantess Destruction - VR360 4kHQ


Johnny X Starlight

American / Nevada
6:18 min - Aug 11 - .MP4 - 913.18 MB


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This is is a VR360 video that can be viewed in a Virtual Reality player on your computer like GoPro VR Player or in a Virtual Reality headset* Primal Giantess Goddesses come across a group of helpless little villagers. The two immediately begin to disrupt their peaceful existence, picking them up and eating them, tearing their little their bodies to pieces and spitting them on you. They sit on them, stomping them under their giant feet and voluptuous bodies, growling like animals and snarling at the little villagers the whole time. You're stuck watching everything happen around you, helpless to the will of these two wild, Giantess beauties. Giantess Destructresses: Ms. Jane and Ms. JohnnyXStarlight