Lights, Camera, Tease

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269 4.7
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Worldxdotcom deleted Sep 19 2017
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this is a very nice gift from you to us , your fans. Thank you for creating content like this to share. I was checking around free vids and stopped by this creative content. xo giving you love .

FatesCurse Sep 3 2017
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serena is always a pleasure to watch. she is so beautifule with an amazing sparkling personality!

Originally filmed just to play with amateur effects back in October 2016, I decided to finally format and post this for free! I'd like you to be able to get a feel for the slow contortions of my body, and the movements of my profile as I smile, wiggle a bit, and kick my heels around like the good girl I am. Please support your local, home-made content creator ! If you can't purchase a video you like right away, please "heart" it ! If you can purchase a video, and you like it, please leave a review as well ! (yes, I know I forgot a comma in the title